Club Nights

Latest Salsa plan based on the government’s announcement!!!!! So it is hoped that the government will allow nightclubs to open up by the 19th July.  This means that Salsa can open up as normal with clubs & socials.  The return to Revs classes and socials from 20th July plus the monthly party night at Las Iguanas returning will be something to look forward to!  Remember, this is all government roadmap pending.

Paul and Rosi of Humba Rumba are now helping Encuentro Latino to take a back seat from the late-night Salsa events and parties in order for Laucinda to develop more daytime classes in ballet and ballroom for the over 50s and to work in the education sector as well.  However, Encuentro Latino will still be offering specialist Salsa workshops at York Dance Space and will be promoting these wonderful monthly parties at Las Iguanas!